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Pathways to Wellness University offers online programs and groups to help women take charge of their own lives so they can feel good in their bodies and live fully.

How I Can Help You Live Your Fullest Life


The Kickin' Ass ADHD Woman

Program for Entrepreneurs

It can be tough living with ADHD in a world not built for us, that is a neurotypical society. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We can move beyond just-gettin'-by to kick' ass when we work with our ADHD instead of against.

In this membership program, each month we will cover a theme helping us do just that inside of these kick-ass topics:

🌟 Stop Fighting Yourself - Understanding ADHD, Why It's Not Bad, and How to Work WITH It

🌟 Get regulated - Make Your Nervous System and Emotions Your Friends

🌟 Be Focused - Create Clarity, Identify Your True Priorities, and Engage Your Focus the ADHD Way

🌟 Set Boundaries like a Boss (with yourself and others)

🌟 Get Your Shit Together and Get it Done - Motivation and Organization the ADHD Way

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Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an evidence-based, adjunctive treatment for PTSD and/or complex trauma. It can help you heal from your past wounds and reconnect with your body so you can:

❦ More easily make healthy choices in your life

❦ Feel more at ease in your body

❦ Experience greater acceptance of yourself and your body

❦ Increase your connection to self and others


The Self-Loved Woman Way

The Self-Loved Woman Way™️ is to help women end the constant stress and overload, build emotional resilience, and step into your personal power to live a life you love without leaving your loved ones behind.

The Self-Loved Woman Way Membership will help you:

✨ Choose how to spend your time, rather than your to-do list (mostly based on others' needs and wants) deciding it for you

✨ Have energy for your life outside of work and life activities - time for your family, friends, fun, and for yourself

✨ Be able to take care of yourself the way you know you need to - the way you want to - with regular exercise, eight hours of sleep every night, and regularly eating nourishing meals

✨ Feel good to setting and upholding boundaries (Without having to yell)

✨ Feel comfortable taking up space✨
Trust yourself, no matter what happens

✨ Live YOUR life YOUR way

Hi! I'm Jen. I've been helping people change their lives for 23+ years.

As a woman with ADHD not diagnosed until adulthood, I know what it’s like to navigate this neurotypical world – to mask, to feel pain and hurt (even shame) when we are different, experience trauma at the hands of most likely well-meaning folks trying to "help us function", and now what it feels like to be free inside of ADHD.

I know what it’s like to suffer with ADHD and I know what it’s like to embrace it and create a life that flows with it instead of against it. And I love helping women empower themselves to find flow and self-love in their ADHD life.

I enjoy doing this in a variety of ways whether through my online courses, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes, virtual coaching, my membership program, speaking at events, or through individual psychotherapy.

Having walked this path myself, it is exciting to companion women in their own journeys towards living their ideal life.

For more information about me and my credentials click here.

FREE Practice Videos to Calm Your Body and Mind

From my signature 15 minute Yoga Break to skills like 5-4-3-2-1 and volcano breathing to a five minute video of nature, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to calm your body and mind so you can feel grounded, emotionally regulated, clear, and focused.

What My Clients and Colleagues Say...

Cindy Dad

Between a pandemic and moving to another country, I have become extremely stressed, frazzled, and disorganized. I have not had the time or energy to establish meaningful connections or even services to help me at my new home.

I am so grateful for Jen's online course to help me regain some connection with myself and find the necessary calm and focus that I needed.

The course is structured so well and the information is very well presented. I can also work at my own pace and time, which was important to me.

Lisa W

One of my biggest challenges is being able to quiet my mind - it seems to be going all the time, racing through a million thoughts all the time.

The techniques you learn in working with Jen are so very helpful in learning to find stillness, put things into perspective and find a little peace. It takes practice and you need to commit to the process, but it helps so very much.

As women, we seem to put our own self-care on the very last wrung of importance even when we achieve empty-nester status. Take some time, make yourself a priority and join this program.

Jen’s teaching style makes the steps easy to follow and practice. This is time and money well spent. And when we are well cared for, we are better at caring for the ones we love.

Bea Doyle

Founder, Bhava Yoga Studio Albuquerque, NM

Rooted in the science of poly-vagal theory, practical in its approach and guided by Jen’s wisdom from years of experience, study and practice in clinical social work and yoga–find the grounded joy of being in balance through revealing awareness exercises, Jen’s clarifying tools for uncovering your ideal life, and yoga's calming breathing and movement practices. An added bonus of working with others in community plus feedback from Jen makes this course an important and necessary venture for these complex times.

Dr. Phil Bennett

Retired Psychologist, Life Coach

I have known Jen for years. She is a gifted therapist and teacher, because of both her intuition, and also her constant search for knowledge and truth. She is always learning and growing, which in my mind is a prerequisite for someone who is able to help others grow.

She has explored multiple avenues of healing and works hard to provide a wholistic perspective on what it takes to heal and move forward through life. Jen is able to create space for others so they can discover themselves.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, and are not sure you are living your best life, Jen can help. She has specialized in the body and trauma, and is capable of guiding you through whatever pain is in you story and life, and toward living authentically from your entire person.

Lori Kucharski, Ph.D.

AAMFT-Approved Supervisor, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist/Supervisor,
EMDRIA-Certified Therapist & Approved Consultant

Jen is skilled at helping stressed-out folks find peace in their bodies. Through her somatically-focused approach, she helps individuals heal and release trauma as they regain faith and trust in their bodies.

Learn how to live calmly, freely, and more fully.

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